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For restoring and enhancing the mid-face, cheek augmentation is one of the most commonly performed treatments. In this one-day full-on training session you will learn to master one of the most effective treatments you can offer as part of your aesthetics portfolio. After completing our Dermal Fillers Beginner Course, or proving equivalent experience in the use of fillers, healthcare professionals are welcome to join our Cheek Augmentation Course.
The areas targeted are: circles under the eyes, cheekbones, lips, jowls, nasolabial folds, and marionette lines, among many others.
This course provides in-depth understanding of the anatomy of the face including vectors and their vital function for achieving astonishing results. You will deepen your knowledge on the ageing process in all different skin types, which will enable you to choose the correct filler and technique of injection for the most effective and natural results. You will also gain a deep insight into how to inject safely, including the using a cannula, as an advanced technique to achieve the best results. We provide models of different ages and with various concerns so our candidates learn how to manage and fulfil diverse expectations.

Aspects covered in this course include:

    • The necessary skills to provide safe and ethical assessment of the patient prior to a cheek enhancement treatment
    • In-depth knowledge of hyaluronic acid dermal fillers for the face
    • Bespoke approach; Choosing the most appropriate dermal filler for specific patients considering their face anatomy and skin type
    • Managing unrealistic expectations
    • Anatomy: personalized fat pad and vectors analysis for treating the cheeks.
    • Bespoke approach; Choosing the most appropriate dermal filler for specific patients considering their face anatomy and skin type
    • Managing unrealistic expectations
    • Personalized fat pad analysis of the aesthetic patient

    • Danger zones, contrindications and complication avoidance management
    • Aseptic techniques and safety when injecting the face
    • Advanced injection techniques for the cheeks augmentation.
    • Post-treatment instructions
    • Guidance and support for marketing lip augmentation treatments

Why train with PHP Training Academy?

One-day in-depth training
Wide-ranging understanding of injection techniques
Choice of group courses or private one-to-one tuition
Understanding crucial aspects of the ageing process
Full consultation and treatment experience with a minimum of one patient per candidate in group sessions and up to four patients per candidate in one-to-one sessions
Comprehensive theory
CPD certification and a recognised qualification
Practice part with intensive hands-on experience
On-going mentorship, advice and support from leading experts
You will have the unique opportunity to treat a minimum of one patient per day, in group sessions and up to four patients, in one-to-one sessions, making sure that you take them through the whole process of being your patient, which includes consultation, assessment, documentation, procedure and post procedure care.


Beginners Group   

£700 + VAT

Beginner 1:1 Personal Tuition

£1200 + VAT

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Dermal Fillers

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