This workshop is designed for health care professionals seeking to refresh or obtain phlebotomy skills that will allow them to draw blood as an added skill within their health care profession.

This workshop combines Phlebotomy theory and practical hands-on training. The practical portion includes a simulation by drawing venipunctures from a mannequins. The practical portion includes 2 venipunctures on your classmates (one vacutainer and one butterfly) under supervision of at the trainer. Students are required to sign a phlebotomy waiver before performing venipuncture. It is recommended that students receive Hepatitis B immunisation before taking blood on a human.

Why train with PHP Training Academy?

One-day in-depth training
Wide-ranging understanding of injection techniques
Choice of group courses or private one-to-one tuition
Understanding crucial aspects of the ageing process
Full consultation and treatment experience with a minimum of one patient per candidate in group sessions and up to four patients per candidate in one-to-one sessions
Comprehensive theory
CPD certification and a recognised qualification
Practice part with intensive hands-on experience
On-going mentorship, advice and support from leading experts


Beginners Group   

£300 + VAT

Beginner 1:1 Personal Tuition

£600 + VAT

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