Do You Have Questions?

A list of frequently asked questions to help you understand how it works.

What are the new measures following COVID-19?

Of course, we follow Public Health England advice and review it every day. We are taking exceptional measures to assist everyone’s safety. Here is what you can expect right now because guidance and these measures are likely to change.
Our team screens all delegates on the telephone and/or email prior to make a booking. Delegates and models who have Covid-19 symptoms or any respiratory problem (not just a persistent cough) are not permitted to come to the clinic.
We ask you to come wearing a mask whilst in the clinic and whilst waiting to enter the clinic. Your mask is designed to protect others should you sneeze or cough. If you haven’t got a mask, we will provide you with one. We will take your temperature using a contactless thermometer and you will not be seen if you have a high temperature.
All models are required to come alone.
Our trainings are designed to have a maximum of 3 delegates and we give more options to one to one training.
All delegates will wear PPE and only one delegates will treat the model while others delegates will watch the procedure by respecting the social distancing.
We have installed screens at reception. Our team will wear masks and hand disinfectant/Soap gel will be available. We will take payment from the card we have stored for you so you will not have to come to reception after your consultation.
Our housekeeping team disinfects all door handles, buttons and other commonly touched surfaces before and after each model
Of course, these are extraordinary measures designed to help protect everyone who visits or works in our clinic.

How much practice/hands-on experience will I get your courses?

All our courses allow each candidate to have the maximum hands-on experience they can possible get on a day. We only dedicate one part of the morning to review and test theory aspects of each course, which are sent to all candidates for revision prior to the course. During the rest of the morning and early afternoon, we perform a series of demonstrations in which all candidates are welcome to actively participate. Then each candidate spends the rest of the afternoon leading at least one model with real concerns through a complete treatment, which includes: consultation, assessment, documentation, procedure and post procedure care. During the entire course all candidates receive comprehensive constructive feedback on their technique, approach and methods. In one-to-one training sessions, candidates will have the opportunity to treat up to four models and receive private guidance through the entire course programme.

Will products be provided?

Yes, products will be provided. You will be introduced to a range of products and brands so you can learn more about the differences in products available in the market today. All products used during the training are included and provided by PHP Training Academy.

Will models be provided?

Yes, models will be provided. You will practice injection techniques and positioning and how to perform procedures in real life models under the supervision of our highly experienced trainers.

Can I propose my own models for training?

Yes, it is possible to propose your own models, as long as they fulfil the requirements for the course. All models must be over 21 years old and have real concerns related to the course in question. All candidates wanting to propose their own models will have to let us know at least ten days prior to the training and provide photographs of the proposed model. The trainers will assess the proposed model and take a decision at least seven days before the training. All proposed models, who are accepted by our trainers, will have to register on

Will complications management be covered?

All our courses give plenty of attention to complication management. We systematically cover avoidance, management and treatment of complications and post-procedure reactions.
You will learn how to:
  • Identify danger zones
  • Deal with complications related to injectable products such as HA fillersand Botulinum Toxin
  • Manage patient concerns
  • Understand the risks of administering Hyaluronidase (Hyalase®)
  • Reconstruct, patch test and administer Hyaluronidase in both emergency and non-emergency situations

How much support will I get after completing the course?

After completing any training with PHP Training Academy you will have free on-going support and guidance regarding all the topics covered in our courses.
We are aware of the challenge that represents for any practitioner to introduce new techniques and procedures into their portfolio. Therefore, we see it as a part of our duty to provide our delegates with answers to all the questions they may have when they start treating their own patients.
It is paramount for us that all our delegates feel confident when they implement the procedures we teach them. Our free methods of support available to all our delegates are:
PHP Training Academy Group
After completing any of our courses  you will automatically be added to our private PHP Training Academy Group on Facebook, in which you will be able to keep in touch and ask any questions to our trainers, other colleagues and experts. This forum will give you the opportunity to revise all aspects covered in our trainings and exchange your experience with like-minded colleagues.
Email Support
Dr Philippe or one of our experts are always happy to answer your emails in private. They will endeavour to answer your emails as soon as possible and answer questions you may have about our courses. We may then arrange to call you depending on the nature of the enquiry.
Emergency Telephone Hotline
After completing any of our courses all candidates will receive our Emergency Mobile Hotline number, so that they can contact us in case of emergency regarding patient related issues such as complication management for immediate advice from our experts.

Where are courses held?

Most training sessions take place at our modern, well-equipped, and easily accessible training venue in the heart of Harley Street in Central London. We are always more than happy to recommend routes and hotels to our candidates.
Our Address is:
PHP Training Academy
22 Harley Street